Save H-2B Now

Labor continues to be a major point of discussion in our industry. Landscapers are deeply concerned that the demand for seasonal visas is at least triple the supply. Growers are concerned that their landscape customers are not going to have the labor they need for plant installation. This situation could dampen otherwise bright prospects for 2019.

The best path forward is for Congress to include H-2B cap relief in 2019. Toward that goal, please take 5 minutes to ACT NOW to weigh in with your elected officials.

Please call or email your two Senators and Representative and ask them to prioritize H-2B cap relief, as meaningful and permanent H-2B cap relief is essential for our industry.

When you enter your information, you will be connected to your elected officials. Once connected to the office, ask to speak to the staff person who handles H-2B issues. Please act now!